Our Solutions in Detail

Pre-1989 division between the "West"...
Our general area of service

In addition to all the free information services we give to subscribers and visitors to this site, we have high quality partners offering a full range of bespoke business solutions, from traditional audit and review services to some very innovative ones. This is a few examples of solutions available in Eastern Europe from Quoracy Consulting and incorporating our own expertise and/or that of top-quality, tested and competitively-priced partners.

The advantage in sourcing fault-proof solutions all under one roof is both a significant saving of time and a guarantee of worry free assurance to the clients. This service overcomes linguistic and cultural barriers and cuts to an effective solution that will maximise the client’s value from a full range of integrated professional services in the region.

Always the maxims followed are to put ourselves into the client’s shoes and to advise as we would want to be advised in that case, never to try to sell more than the client really needs or desires, and to communicate with openness and integrity and ensure that no unpleasant surprises appear on our invoices.

Traditional Solutions:

Start-up solutions

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial Partner search
  • Local manager search
  • Location search
  • Company set-up and tax/statistical office registration
  • Permit requirements

Audit of financial statements

  • Co-ordination of multi-country group audits
  • Audit of financial statements under local standards or international standards
  • Review procedures
  • Agreed-upon procedures (such as audit of selected financial statement areas or procedures of control)
  • Compilation reports

Tax-related solutions

  • International structures
  • Nominee directorships
  • VAT registrations and compliance, including Fiscal Representation
  • Tax planning
  • Tax due-diligence and tax audit
  • Tax litigation and tax debt restructuring

Internal audit and governance-related solutions

  • Drafting of Mission Statements, Objectives and Strategies
  • Risk identification, heat-mapping, and management
  • Audits of compliance with special legislation (eg waste management regulations, solicitors accounts’ rules, EU funding audits, etc)
  • Operational Review
  • Quality review, compliance reviews
  • Royalty reviews and circulation audits for journals
  • Waste audits and environmental audits
  • Preparation for ISO certification visits

Modelling and similar solutions

  • Optimal price calculators for manufacturing
  • Business models and budgets, with sensitivity analysis as required, NPV and IRR calculations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Valuation reports
  • Activity Based Costing models
  • Form design
  • Database and spreadsheet preparation
  • Industrial Mathematics for advanced modelling (with leading University partners)
  • Make or buy decisions
  • Lease or buy decisions
  • Value in use or fair value calculations, calculations for permenant diminution in value of assets
  • Complex calculations for IFRS 16 adoption of large bases of operationally leased assets

Acquisitions and Mergers

  • Market reviews
  • Valuations
  • Parity calculation reports
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Operational Due Diligence (with Civil Engineers)
  • Environmental Due Diligence (with soil and water contaminant  lab testing available)
  • Business intelligence gathering
  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Services associated with seeking finance from PE or from Stock Exchanges
  • Assistance in making loan applications to banks

Business process outsourcing (“BPO”) solutions

  • Subcontracted internal audit
  • Bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll and HR as well as other administrative functions
  • Treasury functions

Innovative solutions

In addition to the usual traditional solutions arrayed above, Quoracy Consulting is in a position to assist with certain more innovative solutions not available through most providers in the region of Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Trusteeship audits
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules audits for UK solicitors practicing in East Europe
  • Remote or in-situ AGM facilitation
  • Negotiation of tax amnesties
  • Assistance with rehabilitation of businesses which unwittingly strayed into illegality and wish to be put right again
  • Business facilitation and networking assistance across C&E Europe
  • Linked-In and other social media optimisation courses
  • Strategic think-tanking
  • New Management Due Diligence


  • Business planning and modelling course
  • Language learning using Goldlist Method (method devised by owner of this site – enabling two to three times more effective use of time vis-a-vis traditional classes) – we don’t teach languages we coach people in how to teach themselves far more effectively than any class teacher. The Goldlist Method is in fact a free gift to the world, available on the Net, and thousands already have been using it for a number of years, but one-to-one coaching for those who need it, from the inventor personally, should be a paid service, and can be ordered via goldlist@quoracy.com
  • Mentoring of young entrepreneurs
  • Course on how to get the most from your external auditor
  • Treasury Management College with co-operation of FISK
  • Bespoke training courses on most tax or accounting topics.

Advertising and Media

Voiceover services can be provided using partnering recording studios, queries regarding the proofreading of copy and the editing of video and audio using Cyberlink software, including subtitling, can be addressed to media@quoracy.com

Those wishing to place an advert on this site should contact adverts@quoracy.com

Please note that all business enquiries are checked against anti-money laundering databases and may be subject to further KYC techniques. If you don’t want me to check your name in these databases, then simply refrain from contacting me.

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