Old metal handcuffs
A set of old shackles or handcuffs, yesteryear

The newsletters and updates, as well as the articles included on this site or linked to from this site are, whether written by us or by other professional friends, without exception, intended to be for general business awareness and education only. We expects readers to be aware that real investment decisions, involving their money, time and other economic resources deserve individiual attention by proper professional advisors qualified for the region.

Information is apt to change or to be subject to exceptions and interpretations which are not possible to maintain exhaustive tracks of in publications and information services like these. Individual business transactions can be highly complex, containing layers of risk that only an experienced eye can detect when it is put in front of a professional for detailed examination.

Therefore you should refrain from acting on any information here in a way which could cause you loss unless you have corroborated it individually in paid, one-to-one advice with the author or another appropriately qualified professional.

Remember: Good professional advice rarely costs anything near as much as you will generally lose by failing to obtaining it.

All enquiries to services mentioned in this blog will be checked against the international police databases of known money launderers and financial miscreants to which professionals generally subscribe. The services mentioned in this blog are also not interested in your enquiry if you are looking for ways to knowingly break, or continue breaking the law of any relevant jurisdiction. This does not apply to people who are concerned that they may have unwittingly broken law and wish to be guided through a process of rehabilitation, who will be assisted in the aim of restoring full legality to their operations.

Not all the opinions given will be shared by all parties whose material is contributed to this blog. Therefore it should not be assumed that anything given here is the opinion of anyone but Quoracy.com or the person who produced the update or newsletter being broadcast onward.

If you have feeds or pdfs or events of a relevant nature which you would like to submit for approval, please send them to submissions@quoracy.com. No fee is paid as the service is free and the decision as to whether or not to publish rests at the discretion of the Executive Editor.

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