As I was just saying to Nigel…

Today, Nigel Farage made a very reasonable reaction to the underwhelming verdict by Bristol High Court allowing the BLM vandals who ran riot last year destroying statues, completely off the hook.

Here’s what I responded on his channel, and I thought it worth sharing with a broader readership.

Judges should be accountable to the ballot box. At the moment we have something called “democracy and the rule of law” which is a bit like a hare and pork pate, containing not one part hare and one part pork, but one rabbit and one pig.

The pig I am allegorically referring to here is the fat cats of the judiciary and to an extent that whole industry that feeds them with work, the legal profession and its hangers on. Clearly we need them, but they have too little accountability.

They need to be accountable to the ballot box and made to take actual responsibility for their mistakes. Then we can talk about democracy. And democracy and rule of law that is like that hare and pork pate is not democracy at all, just one great big porky pie.

Why a member of the UK’s judicial elite should want to enable what is effectively a Marxist organisation is a great mystery, unless of course understood from the faith perspective of most Evangelical Christians, in which case the reason is self-evident.

BLM has taken many people for a ride. They have been sold on the idea that they are a valid voice for blacks who are treated unfairly. This they are not. They are a machine which hijacks any case of blacks being treated unfairly and becomes their mouthpiece whether asked for or not.

Let’s take an example of a friend of mine, his name is Umer, he is from Pakistan, lived in Warsaw, appears now to have gone back to Pakistan, at least during the pandemic, as he is not visible on social media and of course people don’t see each other at events much anyway now.

This guy happened to get beaten up when coming out of a nightclub at 3 in the morning. It may have been racially inspired, or at least racially aggravated, but this is not certain. He got patched up and the expat community (or so I thought) made an event to express our solidarity with him. So I went along. It was in the “patelnia” – that part of Warsaw below ground level near the metro station at the central roundabout by the Polonia hotel.

Well, very few people I knew turned up. In fact, there was nobody I knew there except for Umer, and neither did he appear to know anyone. When he got there we were speaking almost straight away and as far as I could see we were just talking to each other until we dispersed. Nobody else spoke to him. Instead of this there was a crowd of people, some with their faces covered (this was well before Covid-19 was even a twinkle in Mr Xi’s eye) protesting against the government, stating that their policies were the reason Umer had been beaten in the park. There were a bunch of Antifa style people in weird clothes standing in a row holding a whole series of photos of people who had been victims of violence “because of the government” and chanting leftist slogans.

I saw none of them take the remotest personal interest in my friend, moreover, I saw hostile looks from them at the two figures in suits and ties (me and Umer, who dresses better than I do and fairly formally on business days).

We came to the conclusion that this was simply a hi-jacking of his case, a riding on his hospital bandages to make their own point.

During the BLM protests I saw a lot of similar videos from America made by black people or showing black people asking the BLM and Antifa protestors not to vandalise and set fire to things which actually were part of their livelihood. Probably most of my readers have seen them.

But not the judges in Bristol, apparently. Which is why they are out of touch with reality and must desparately be reformed so that they are accountable to the ballot box, as politicians are.

I will be writing a series of articles called “The Quoracy Way” in which my views on how society should be ordered in the modern era will be laid out. Watch this space.