Industry Specialisms

My associates and I have particular expertise in the following niche industries:

  • Agriculture and food production through from the farm field to the supermarket
  • Retail, including fashion shops, grocers, and others
  • Waste Management (collection, sorting, landfill and incineration)
  • Forestry and paper
  • Education (including EU funding audits)
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Law firms, other professional service firms,
  • Fishery and also fish farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Import/export
  • Internet start-ups
  • Real estate development
  • Loan companies not included in the definition of a bank (eg. payday lenders)
  • Gaming industry, betting shops
  • Hotels, restaurants and catering
  • Meetings and conference industry
  • Renewable energy (wind, and solar)
  • Shale exploration and other extraction industry

The above list is not necessarily exhaustive, so if you do not find your specific industry in the above, by all means enquire with us about your required solutions.

For these sectors, we have provided solutions for various moments in the company life-cycle, from feasibility studies and incorporations, as well as partner locations and assistance getting a foot on the ground at the very outset, right the way through to succession planning or selling businesses which are mature and successful, as well as tidying up in moments of crisis and on occasion also liquidating thise which have arrived at the end of their natural lives. In the middle we have ongoing consulting, controlling, budgeting, decision making, and corporate governance solutions to offer, and in connection with the twenty-year old Polish audit and accounting Firm Grupa Strategia we offer audit solutions and a full range of tax and bookkeeping solutions for individual companies and groups.