What is Quoracy Consulting?

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Quoracy Consulting is a selection of high-end business and financial solutions offered by uniquely experienced accountant and highly-regarded business adviser David J. James and his associates.

David J. James MA (Cantab) FCA is a UK Chartered Accountant, member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide and licensed auditor in Poland (PIBR biegły rewident) of nearly thirty years standing, with a rich experience in planning and running complex international assignments in audit and in corporate finance throughout Central and Eastern Europe. This has been carried out in the frameworks of BDO in the CEE Region, Baker Tilly Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, and as Director of International Client Relations for Mazars in Poland.

He also has associations and correspondences with other professional firms in related disciplines in Poland and throughout the region. He has been CFO and Head of Internal Audit for various branches and has also served on numerous Boards and Supervisory organs and think tanks. He is currently a member of the Business and Management Faculty of the ICAEW and serves on two

committees of the Regional Division of the Polish Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Outside of work, he is a trustee of the Sue Ryder Foundation in Poland, including the Sue Ryder Museum, and is a member of Gideons International a Christian network of businessmen throughout the world concerned with Scripture distribution through certain defined channels. David and his wife are members of a Baptist church in Warsaw and their lives are committed to worshipping Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

He is the only dual-qualified UK chartered accountant and Polish registered auditor to have extensive experience across many branches, with both internal and external audit, corporate governance and board level managerial expertise.  He has worked in most middle-tier audit firms across a range of disciplines and in around 8 countries.  He has a social network and communication abilities covering many languages and regions of the globe and has been trained in strategic thinking, in project management and in solution selling. He is an accomplished presenter and is also the inventor of the Gold-List Method, an acclaimed method for learning to the long-term memory.

He specialises in practice management and development, and also in business acquisitions and start-ups. He has developed state-of-the-art business and project valuation models, and assisted in a personal and practical way over 80 new businesses starting up in Eastern Europe. He has been involved in over 60 due diligence projects and is known to deliver one of the toughest probes in the field.

In close association with some of the highest quality, good value Firms of accountants, lawyers and others in the CEE region he can guide, co-ordinate and mentor your projects like nobody else.  He can measurably improve the chances of success in difficult scenarios, and add unexpected value in simpler ones also. He actively maintains a network of several thousand professionals throughout the region.  For many years, he has been involved in various mengtoring and business incubation  projects including the Cambridge Python Project, under the aegis of Cambridge University and the British Embassy in Poland.

David J. James is a well known internet blogger, an accomplished linguist and as the author of the GoldList Method for language learning – a staged presentation method that needs no computer, he runs a massive mentoring project for efficient life-long learning which can be also seen in this website under the tab “Learning Game of the Decade”, and this mentorship is linked to a popular Group on Facebook. He also runs the Linguists and Polyglots group on LinkedIn.

He is also interested in literature, history, religion, music, the natural world (especially fishes), comedy and travel. He creates and performs comedy in his spare time, and some of his work in these areas can be seen on the blog http://www.huliganov.tv


1. Managing complex international financial, reporting and corporate governance solutions

The main places to review the list of possible solutions, branches and geographies served by Quoracy Consulting are in the relevant sections of this site.

2. Top-level Business Mentoring (with the final polish needed for your English language).

David J. James is available for English-language business mentoring – a process which combines both advanced English tuition to enable your English competence to go beyond that of your previous teacher, assisted by his own proprietory GoldList Method (used by dozens of other trainers, but this is the original). At the same time using his management experience to provide guidance on live situations with absolute confidence.

Please note that this is a premium-level coaching and mentoring service predicated for:

  • Members of Supervisory Boards and Management Boards of Public Interest Entities and other large organisations,
  • Heads of charities and NGOs,
  • Noted names from media, science and arts, and
  • High-level government ministry and diplomatic staff. 

Less senior people are invited to take advantage of coaching on a group basis, and occasionally these are available for groups free of charge. Free of charge mentoring is available on the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2020LV/

3. Supervisory Boards, Audit Committees, Think Tanks and Policy Boards

David J. James is also available for Supervisory Board, Audit Committee and other non-executive roles in Public Interest Entities, and to take part in think tanks, broadcast projects and engage in the organisation of large international audits (external or internal), Corporate Strategy projects or the buying and selling of businesses. He has a unique track record and unusual competences in these areas, as can be seen on LinkedIn, or in an interview available on request.

The business is a registered income tax and VAT payer in Warsaw, Poland with REGON number 141583041 and NIP number 526-176-56-55

4. Blog feed here on Quoracy.com

The information feed in the blog part of this website will be continued for the benefit of existing subscribers and is intended to give a general flow of up-to-date information on the themes and countries covered, but it is not a substitute for tailored professional advice. You can get in contact either on quoracy@quoracy.com or via +48 725 000 007 if you want to receive proper professional advice from me or selected partners from my new network.

On the horizon we have a new dimension to the Quoracy.com site and business, namely the offer of Quoracy Publishing. We are preparing a range of e-books and audio books on a wide range of topics, as well as trade in paper books, especially rare or sought-after titles.

All content here is copyright, David J. James is the author unless otherwise stated. I am happy to host quality articles on the topics covered on an exclusive basis and with strictly limited outgoing links.

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