What’s Quoracy.com?

Quoracy.com is a business-related blog by David J. James. In the past it was a separate registered business but on joining Mazars Poland in early 2015 on a full-time basis, I decided to de-register the business, as of 9th February 2015. As of the end of June 2017, I am leaving Mazars and joining an international  agricultural group so  I will be reopening this blog as a place where I can discuss business-related topics, especially related to the sectors of food production (from agriculture and fishery through to production and packaging and retail) as well as health (from pharma and life science research through to medical business and care homes), while hobby-related topics especially related to languages and the application of the GoldList Method, which I devised, will be treated over at Huliganov.TV

David J. James is a licensed auditor in Poland and previously used to manage complex international audit assignments throughout Central and Eastern Europe in the framework of Baker Tilly Poland. He also has associations and correspondences with other professional firms in related discipines in Poland and throughout the region. Since June 2013 David James has taken up the role of National Director of Audit in Baker Tilly’s member firm in Russia, this project came to an end at the end of 2014 owing to the crisis connected with the events in Ukraine, which made the project economically untenable.

This information feed will be continued for the benefit of existing subscribers and is intended to give a general flow of up-to-date information on the themes and countries covered, but it is not a substitute for tailored professional advice. You can get in contact either on quoracy@quoracy.com or via +48 725 000 007 if you want to receive proper professional advice from me or selected partners from my new network.daveynewesjm

David J. James is a UK Chartered Accountant and Licensed Auditor for Poland, and an alumnus of Cambridge University. In his 22 year long career in accountancy he has worked in the UK, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Germany and also travelled on projects to around 20 further countries. He specialises in practice management and development, and also in business acquisitions and start-ups. He has developed state-of-the-art business and project valuation models, and assisted in a personal and practical way over 80 new businesses starting up in Eastern Europe. He has been involved in over 60 due diligence projects and is known to deliver one of the toughest probes in the field.

In close association with some of the highest quality, good value Firms of accountants, lawyers and others in Eastern and Central Europe he can guide, co-ordinate and mentor your projects like nobody else. He can add to the chances of success palpably in difficult scenarios, and add unexpected value in simpler ones also. He has a network of several thousand professionals throughout the region. In the past for many years, he has taught and mentored a group of young entrepreneurs from universities all over Poland as part of the Cambridge Python Project, under the aegis of Cambridge University and the British Embassy in Poland.

David J. James is a well known internet blogger, an accomplished linguist and is the author of the gold-list method for language learning – a staged presentation method that needs no computer, but which really works, and has drawn acclaim from hundreds of language learners many of whom had failed with other methods. He lives from accounting, audit and business consultancy and the linguistic resources he has given to the on-line community have always been and will remain absolutely free.

He is also interested in literature, history, religion, music, the natural world (especially fishes), comedy and travel. He creates and performs comedy in his spare time, and some of his work in these areas can be seen on the blog http://www.huliganov.tv

He currently divides his work time between Warsaw and other Polish cities as clients’ needs arise. He has a Belarusian wife, Elena and they have three children and live in Warsaw.

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